Land Surveys

Land Surveys

Working with today’s most efficient and precise equipment, our land surveyors provide a level of accuracy and detail that’s second to none. Registered in the State of Georgia, we provide land surveys throughout the entire state.

Our Land Survey Services Include:

Property Survey

For a defined mapping of your property’s borders, the size of the plot and its center point, our property surveyors will draw up a blueprint of the land, giving you a clear picture of the space.


Ensure all title elements related to the property are complete and correct. Often a complicated survey, our ALTA surveyor can answer any questions prior to conducting the survey and after.

Topographic Survey

See the details of your property with a breakdown of the natural and man-made features of your land. A topographical survey measures land features as well as the boundaries and levels of the property.

Alcoholic Beverage Survey

Confirm that your property location is in compliance with Georgia Code if you’re planning to serve alcohol on site. Our experienced surveyor will take accurate measurements to validate that the property is the necessary minimum distance from schools, churches, or government buildings.

Route Survey

Ensure there’s at least one accessible route for trucks onto your property with a route survey. This not only ensures development can proceed on schedule, but a route survey for oversized loads confirms heavy-haul items can be delivered to the site.

Aerial Control Survey

Gain visibility into a large area of land with drone footage compiled from an aerial survey. Collecting data and land detail, our expert team will present a complete picture of the entire property.