New Construction Services

New Construction Services

Bringing you a complete suite of new contruction services, our experienced team can assist you across the development process. Helping reduce construction costs while enabling the work to get done faster, we’re here to help make sure you utilize the land to its fullest potential.

Our New Construction Services Include:

Project Management

From our initial look at the property deed, we’ll provide a regulatory review and assess the need for additional services to optimize your build.

Property Platting

Establish the real property boundaries with a comprehensive survey drawing of your land. Land platting is essential for single-home property owners, as well as condominiums, subdivisions and other property types.

House Location Plan

Visualize your soon-to-be-built home with a detailed site layout. House plans include a drawing of the property to scale, with boundaries and details of final structures.

Foundation Survey

Verify the accuracy of an existing foundation with an expert check that confirms its position within the property. A foundation location survey refers back to either a plot plan, site plan or subdivision plan.

Lot Grading

Quickly establish if your property has a level base, or the right slope, to begin construction without remediation. Lot grading ensures your construction plans work within your space..

Elevation Certificate

Confirm the elevation of the structures on your property in relation to projected flood water height in the area. Ensure the safety of your property should a major flood occur even if you’re not in a high-risk area.

Individual Lot Topographic Survey

Review all the natural and man-made features and elevation of a property to better understand the land before you begin building. Our comprehensive topographical survey illustrates how the land changes as well as what pre-existing structures could impact development.

Property Line Staking

Accurately establish your property border. Allow our expert team to carefully stake property lines against boundaries on the recorded deed. Stakes are typically placed 50 feet apart, giving you a clear boundary to work within.

Building Setback Staking

Mark out the distance between your proposed structure(s) and the property’s boundaries before building begins. This type of construction staking helps ensure you’ve set structures back far enough to allow access to underground utilities and stay clear of property lines.

House Staking

Take your development plan from paper to the property itself. We’ll stake out exactly where proposed structures are set to be built based on your development plan — in actual size.

Tertiary Erosion Control Plan

Maintain the integrity of the property by preventing sediment from running off the land as you’re building. Our erosion control plan will allow property development to occur more smoothly.

Septic System Design

Ensure the property is large enough for a septic system and that its components are correctly placed for optimal performance with our detailed septic design.