Land Planning

Land Planning

Helping you maximize the efficiency of any piece of property in development, our land-use planning team offers services from conceptual planning to staking and anything in between. With land planners proficient in every area of initial development, we’re here to help you get the job done right.

Our Land Planning Services Include:

Site Plan

Get a detailed map to submit for approval and permits. A site plan includes the building layout and mapping of utility lines, drainage, landscaping, and any other developmental elements planned for the property.

Lot Consolidation

Receive a detailed representation of new property lines when combining two parcels of land into a single piece of property. Our experienced team will ensure your development plans are clear and correct as you ready for lot consolidation.

Lot Split

Cleanly map out development plans to subdivide land on an existing piece of property. Our capable team ensures the rules for dividing lots are met so lot split plans will be approved.

Demo Plan

With the generation of our superior demo plans, you’re able to expedite the permitting process. Continue preparing for new construction without worrying about not getting the approval to remove what was already there.

Tree Location Plan

To make sure your property plans meet regulations associated with trees and land development, our team drafts a visual representation of existing trees, proposed changes, and new plantings. Plan notations provide details to ensure tree density regulations are met and explain how existing trees will be protected during development.